The Bethany Winemaking Tradition

"The philosophy at Bethany Wines has remained constant for over 40 years. Make exceptional wines that show the flavours of our vineyards and reflect the microclimate of the Barossa Ranges" - Geoff Schrapel

At Bethany Wines, we combine traditional and modern winemaking techniques to create elegant, complex and flavoursome wines.

Our winemaking team favour minimal intervention and hands-on wine making. The result is wines that express the unique characteristics of each vineyard parcel.

During vintage, we handle each parcel of fruit separately. This starts with crushing through to fermentation and oak maturation to create complex wines that are full of personality. The length of the fermentation period is crucial for creating red wines with a soft tannin structure. Maturation in quality French and American oak barrels compliments and lifts the fruit characters.

We aim to make our white wines fresh and vibrant, full of citrus, lime and floral flavours.

Our red wines balance rich, ripe red berry flavours with fine-grained tannins.

We crush 250 - 300 tonnes of grapes each year to make about 20,000 cases of wine.