Our Team

In the early days Geoff and Robert managed all aspects of the business with help from a small team. Edna was a welcoming face at Cellar Door, while you would find Lawrence tending his vineyard.

Today the business has 10 employees, including members of the sixth and seventh generations of the Schrapel family.

A multi-generational business and we still enjoy Christmas lunch together.

Tania Schrapel - Sales and Marketing Manager

Tania Schrapel continues the legacy of the business alongside her father, Geoff and Uncle, Robert. She shares their passion for the vineyards, for crafting fine wines, and for the future of Bethany Wines.

A member of the sixth generation of the family, Tania has grown up with the business. She has fond memories of grape picking with her grandparents, pruning with family and friends, and working at cellar door.

Tania spent 10 years working as an educator. But in 1999, she returned to the wine business. Soon after, she travelled to Europe with Geoff to share stories of Bethany and the family legacy. And in 2009, she graduated from Adelaide University as a Master of Wine Business.

Today, Tania is responsible for marketing and sales activities. Like the entire Schrapel Family, she is a passionate ambassador for Bethany Wines.

Alex Macclelland - Winemaker

Alex brings a wealth of experience to the role of Chief Winemaker at Bethany. His passion and knowledge has taken him across the globe, working in the Rhone Valley, Burgundy and New Zealand. In Australia, Alex has made wine in the Coonawarra, Clare Valley, Limestone Coast and more recently the southern Barossa.

Alex’s winemaking philosophy is to strive to deliver wines that are a true expression of the land. He makes wines that offer complexity, elegance, and exceptional quality for the consumer. He likes to keep things simple.

‘For me, making wine is about looking to allow the unique characteristics of each site shine through. A unique and expressive wine needs gentle caretaking throughout the fermentation and maturation process.’

Alex acknowledges the vineyard is the key to crafting each wine. He focuses on understanding the terroir of each block, being hands on and tasting the fruit as it ripens. Deciding the day of harvest based on flavour rather than numbers are critical elements to creating each wine. 

‘It’s an honour to make wines from a property that has been in the family for 6 generations. It’s a stunning location, steeped in history and traditions that make you feel you’re part of something great.’

Our Cellar Door Team

There's no doubt our cellar door team are the heart of Bethany Wines. They're an amazing group of people, passionate about our wines and sharing the best the Barossa has to offer. They've written a bit about themselves, which you can readhere.