Our Landscape


Sitting under the old almond tree outside cellar door, you’ll see birds darting in and out of the branches. Listen for the Diamond firetail finches, Willy wag tails, Blue wrens and Thornbills that also call Bethany Wines home.

Just as important as the sustainability of our vineyards is the health of our surrounding landscape. Bethany Wine's land holdings include over 100 acres of grazing land as part of the Barossa Ranges.

We’re part of thePaddock Tree projectto regenerate the land. The projects is working to establish the next generation of eucalypts, she-oaks, acacias and native pines in our areas. This will reverse the decline of these birds that rely on this landscape.

In 2019, we planted over 50 trees across the hills above the winery, which have flourished despite the drought.