6 Reasons to Join a Wine Club

Wine clubs aren’t a new thing. Wineries and other groups have been running wine clubs of all shapes and sizes for many years. But in the last year, with lockdowns and travel restrictions, joining a wine club and having a regular delivery from your favourite winery has become an ever better idea.

In early 2020, we launched our own Bethany Wine Club. We wanted to give our customers the option to have regular wine deliveries and provide access to our museum wines and special events. We now havetwo wine club options– a completely flexible ‘choose your own adventure’ option or a ‘done for you option’.

But if you’re still wondering if a wine club is right for you, we’ve put together some of the benefits of joining a wine club.

1. It’s convenient

Wine clubs are a great way to ensure your cellar (or fridge) is always well-stocked. No need to waste time in the bottle shop searching for the perfect bottle of wine. You can have wine delivered straight to your door.

Most wine clubs let you choose an option that suits you. You might want to order more regularly from one winery, or order more often from a couple of different wineries. You can also choose how many bottles and often, the wines you receive.

2. It’s cost effective

Most wine clubs provide a competitive discount, especially when they include museum stock and rare back vintages. As a wine club member, you may also receive free shipping and discounts on other wine purchases and event tickets.

3. Priority access

One of the best things about being a wine club member is getting access to new release wines before they’re released to anyone else. For wineries, they’re a great way to get some loyal and trusted customers to review and share their wines.

Wine Clubs are also a great way for wineries to share back vintages or museum wines. These will sometimes be included as a mystery bottle in a six-pack or dozen and can really increase the value of your membership.

When opening up museum stocks, wineries will often give wine club members access to buy back vintages and large format bottles, like magnums. If you’ve ever been stuck for a gift for a wine loving friend, these make a fantastic gift.

4. Special events and invites

Wine country travel might seem like a distant memory or a wishful thought in this time of lockdowns and border restrictions. But when you can travel again, most wineries offer some nice perks for their wine club members. This could include free premium tastings, guided tours of the winery or vineyards or discounts on dining, as well as discounts on any wine you buy. As a wine club member, you’ll may even have the chance to sample the latest vintage while it’s still in barrel or try a special release wine not usually available for tasting.

As a wine club member, you’re part of a community, so you’ll receive invitations to special events. This might include special events at the cellar door or dinners with the winemaker in your capital city.

5. Stock your cellar with something different

If you’re tired of the same wines in your local bottle shop, a wine club subscription is a great way to try something new.

Joining a wine club is also a great way to improve your wine knowledge and learn about different varieties. Most wine clubs will send detailed tasting notes so, it’s a great way to learn.

6. Support a small business

While there are many big wine companies, most wine regions are made up of large numbers of small wineries. They, in turn, support other small businesses like grape growers, vineyard services and tourism operators.

So buying wine directly from small, family-owned wineries is a great way to support a regional wine community. And if you can’t travel to that region very often, having a regular wine club delivery is a great option.

Want to know more?

Head over to ourWine Clubpage to find out more about our wine club options. If you think there are any other benefits from joining a wine club we should have mentioned, let us know.

And of course, if you have questionssend us an emailand we’ll be in touch.