"Our aim in life is to live well, provide for our children, care for the land and hand our winery and vineyards on to the next generation in a better position from when we started” - Robert Schrapel.

HOME GROWN – Schrapel family tradition continues

Bethany Wines
March 3, 2016

The four generations of the Schrapels enjoy harvesting fruits at a family garden. Edna (4th), Geoff (5th), Tania (6th) and Jude (7th)

Bethany Wines, one of the oldest established winemakers in the Barossa, not only grows vine grapes but also a variety of fruits on its property such as cherries, peaches, pears, figs and quinces. Many of them were planted when the first Schrapel family arrived in the Barossa Valley in mid-1800s.

On a sunny summer day, the four generations of the family went to one of those gardens to enjoy picking seasonal ripe fruits together as featured in the latest food and wine supplement of the Leader Newspaper.

Geoff says 'Flavour is the key he sees a distinct parallel between the wines he and brother Robert produce and the variety of fruit they grow. "The taste of fruit is like wine... There's different flavours in different varieties of peaches for example.' He is encouraged by the increased interest in being more self-sufficient planting your own vege patch. Geoff says he and his wife, Lesley, enjoy the community of interacting friends, exchanging produce, supplying local chefs and receiving finished products in return.

Picked fruits are changed to jars of jams and preserves in the Schrapels' secret recipe handed over from mother to daughter. We share some of them as our own handmade food products through our Cellar Door.

Bethany Wines has just become a member of Barossa Food launching our own range of jams and condiments called Gherkin Garden named after the historic spring irrigated land where the original Schrapel family planted cucumbers.

Tania says "We're using the Bethany Chardonnay in the marmalade with estate grown wines, tangelos and lemons.

You can find our Gherkin Garden products on the shelf at the Cellar Door. A favourite is the wild fig and white port jam sourced from a 100 year old fig tree. Please ask our friendly staff when you visit next.



Wild fig and White Port Jam 170g / $7.50

Planted over 100 years ago, wild fig trees are scattered across the Barossa landscape. Our wild fig and white port jam is picked from the Schrapel family's historic Gherkin Garden and local farms. We have done the blending for you with our famous Bethany White Port. Delicious!

Plum Jam 180g / $7.50

Made from ripe plums picked from the Schrapel family's historic Gherkin Garden, this dark and gorgeous flavoured jam is delicious on your favourite toast and a great addition to yoghurt and ice cream.

Quince Jam 180g / $8.50 -Sold out (A new batch will be in stock soon) 

Hand picked from 100 year old trees grown in the Schrapel family's historic Gherkin Garden. The sumptuous, ripe quince flavours are a perfect match with soft cheeses. Enjoy.

Cabernet Merlot Sauce 250ml / $9.95

Crafted from local and estate grown fruit, and blended with our Bethany Cabernet Merlot. Try it with grilled pork chops at your next BBQ. Great with a meat pie, Sunday roast or a venison burger. Delicious on grilled haloumi, BBQ field mushrooms or just with your favourite steak.

Chardonnay Marmalade 170g / $7.50

Hand made from a blend of estate grown Tangelos, Lemons, Kaffir Limes, and our Chardonnay to make a fresh, zingy breakfast marmalade.

Semillon & Citrus Mustard 140g / $7.50

Blended with our Bethany Semillon this mustard has a soft creamy texture and a sharp crunchy finish, much in the style of a traditional German mustard.

New release items, Chardonnay Marmalade and Semillon & Citrus Mustard