"Our aim in life is to live well, provide for our children, care for the land and hand our winery and vineyards on to the next generation in a better position from when we started” - Robert Schrapel.

Gherkin Garden, our home-made food products

Bethany Wines
February 18, 2015

Bethany Wines produces its home-made food products, Gherkin Garden. All the fruits are grown in a garden in our property, Gherkin Garden and local farms. We picked them by hand in February. Then the fruits were changed to jams and sauces in our special recipes. Jams are very pure and natural. No additives and preservatives are added. 

Wild Fig and White Port Jam 170g / $7.50

Our Wild fig & White Port jam is picked from the Schrapel family’s historic Gherkin Garden and local farms: we have done the blending for you with our famous Bethany White Port. Delicious!

Plum Jam 180g / $7.50

The dark and gorgeous flavoured jam is delicious on your favourite toast and a great addition to yogurt and ice cream.

Chardonnay Marmalade 170g / $7.50

Hand crafted from a blend of estate grown Tangelos, Lemons, Kaffir Limes, and our Chardonnay White wine to result in a fresh, zingy jam. A breakfast favourite.

Semillon & Citrus Mustard 140g / $7.50

Blended with our Bethany Semillon this mustard has a soft creamy texture and a sharp crunchy finish, much in the style of a traditional German mustard.

Quince Jam 180g / $8.50

The sumptuous, ripe quince flavours are a perfect match with soft cheeses. Enjoy.

Cabernet Merlot Sauce 250ml / $9.95

Blended with our Bethany Cabernet Merlot red wine. Try it with grilled pork chops and meat pies, Sunday roasts or a venison burger. 

White Port, Fig & Maple Sauce / $9.95

Crafted from estate grown figs and blended with our famous white port. Sweet and spicy, this chunkier style sauce is delicious with roast pork cutlets, corned beef sandwiches or use as a marinade for     chicken. Makes a great chutney substitute.

Gherkin Garden is only available through our Cellar Door. So come to visit us and try our home-grown and hand-made products.